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SEMARP, extraction solutions for Representative Samples and Analysis Pinteño

Semarpis a company specialized in the manufacture of extraction systems, providing solutions to the needs of obtaining samples and representative analyzes of all types of powdered, granulated or liquid products.

SEMARP, more than 20 years of experience in the metal sector

Thanks to the great experience acquired working with metal, specifically stainless steel for more than 20 years, we are able to offer a high-quality product for real solutions to food, agri-food, pharmaceutical, chemical or environmental companies, among others, offering them tools for manual sampling and a very personalized and close customer service. Our technical office is equipped with advanced CAD systems for constant design and innovation, as is our factory, which takes care of every detail to bring the best finishes to the market.

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Family business in the metal industry since 1987

The business activity was born from a family business in 1987 in a small workshop serving companies in the metal industry. Years later, he moved to a warehouse with greater capacity to be able to accommodate larger projects, focusing on projects in the agri-food industry and later on the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, following the same dynamic of offering treatment and advice (personalized / close and quality) according to each need.

From here, and due to the booming demand we receive from the (customized / custom) manufacturing of products for sampling different materials, is where the idea of ​​starting our own project to provide sampling solutions to food companies arose. agri-food, pharmaceutical, chemical or environmental, among others, and the SEMARP brand was born.

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